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Should Teen Tans Be BANNED?

For years, the Indoor Tanning Association has worked to “protect your right to tan.” Yet, numerous states have engaged in legislation to ban teens from access to moderate, responsible UV exposure in indoor tanning facilities. If UV rays are... Read more

Notes from the Road

Missed Connections

Missed Connections

It’s May! By this time, your lobby should be full of tanners preparing for summer, working on keeping their spring break tans or just putting on short... Read more

Farr Factor

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Remissed Connections

The Importance of Traditional Follow Up in a Non-Traditional Business World Bryan walked into his office and flipped on the lights. It had been one month since his presentation and proposal submission to an industry-leading executive team,... Read more

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Pet Project

Tiki Mae

Tiki Mae

Alissa Meike My pet’s name: Tiki Mae Breed: Chihuahua The Story: We lost my husband’s mom in December of 2009 and in January, 2010 I was treated for t... Read more

Otis & Cash

Otis & Cash

My pet’s breed/species: French Bulldogs The Story: My wife and I first became aware of the breed in the movie “Secondhand Lions.” We’ve had Otis for s... Read more

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