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ITA Tanning World Expo

A “No-Nonsense” Business Conference Looking for effective business strategies to take your salon to the next level of success? Are you ready to be motivated and inspired? Here’s a look at the lineup of professionals on deck and prepared to... Read more

Notes from the Road

When is it okay to push?

When is it okay to push?

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a product sale to a salon guest when she becomes “iffy” on the idea of making the purchase. We feel like if we... Read more

Farr Factor

Feature Story

7 Questions with ...

David McFarland National Sales Educator SunEvolutions How did you get into the tanning industry? I had worked for a lotion distributor for five months, then was hired by a tanning lotion manufacturer as a trade show presenter, and the rest... Read more

In Focus

Pet Project

Meet Porsche!

Meet Porsche!

What is your pet’s name? Porsche Breed/species: Miniature Pig The story: About ten months ago, my son Jamie saw her in a pet store and had to have her... Read more

Tiki Mae

Tiki Mae

Alissa Meike My pet’s name: Tiki Mae Breed: Chihuahua The Story: We lost my husband’s mom in December of 2009 and in January, 2010 I was treated for t... Read more

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