Feature Story

A Little “Dirty Talk”

As spring settled in, it seemed as though winter didn’t want to release its grip as cooler weather prevailed in much of the country. In April, snow and sleet drifted into some of the northern reaches of my home base in Georgia … yikes! At t... Read more

Epic Sales

Notes from the Road

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

We have all heard the old saying, “it takes a village” – but, how does that relate to your tanning business? Small business owners tend to take on a l... Read more

Eye to Eye

What’s Your Approach?

What’s Your Approach?

In my November column, I wrote about a longtime salon operator who had recently encountered a couple of guests who didn’t like being asked to show the... Read more

Your Monthly Motivation

How I Deal with Setbacks

It’s actually quite simple … Just as you reboot a computer by restarting it and reloading the operating system, all people need to “reboot” themselves from time to time. Setbacks are inevitable. We are all in transition – getting older, sta... Read more

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