Feature Story

Time to Clean It Up!

As we meandered through another summer, I read several posts from salon operators about the “down times.” Well, if foot traffic is slow, now is a great time to dive deep, dig in and clean your salon. From equipment to the hard structures, f... Read more

Notes from the Road

Ways to Make ‘Em Stay

Ways to Make ‘Em Stay

It’s August … the weather is warm and sunny and your tanners are starting to cancel, freeze or put memberships on hold. They say, “See ya’ next year!”... Read more

Push  & Pull

Push & Pull

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a product sale and our salon guest is iffy on the idea of making the purchase. We feel like if we “sell” a lit... Read more

Eye to Eye

Your Monthly Motivation

Ask Wolff

Balance of Power

Balance of Power

Here’s some discussion of the most popular questions I receive regarding sunbed voltage and tanning times: How does voltage affect lamp performance? A... Read more

Numbers Game

Numbers Game

What is the difference between a 10-, 20- and 30-minute sunlamp? What would happen if you put a 10-minute lamp in a 20-minute tanning system? Perhaps... Read more

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