Susanne Tedrick and Bertina Ceccarelli

Bertina Ceccarelli, as the CEO of NPower, one of the most successful nonprofits in North America, is committed to helping young adults and military-connected individuals launch tech careers and remove barriers to economic mobility. As a leader, she works to model an inclusive workplace, providing opportunities for growth at all levels. Bertina is a co-author of Innovating for Diversity: Lessons from Top Companies Achieving Business Success through Inclusivity (Wiley, 2023) Susanne Tedrick is a writer and speaker who is dedicated to expanding the professional opportunities of women and people of color within the tech industry. She is a co-author of Innovating for Diversity, and author of Women of Color in Tech, A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators (Wiley, 2020), Susanne has previously been featured in many influential tech and business media outlets including Worth Magazine, CompTIA, PECB Insights and

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